Luxury toilet hire for spectacular events

Plush Flush specialise in servicing outdoor events with portable, luxury toilet hire. We offer a plethora of different unit options, that will cater for any occasion, so that you remember the event, not the amenities.

Luxury toilet hire
Luxury toilet hire
Plush Flush Luxury Toilet Hire Yorkshire

We put our clients first and strive to provide the best service time after time. As well as this, our mobile toilet units offer a stylish and contemporary feel to give your event the finishing touch it deserves because every detail matters. Our service in this field has evolved over recent years resulting in facilities that meet the demands of ever more disconcerting clients who require the highest level of services, cleanliness and finish.

Everything about the plush flush experience feels exclusive:


An opportunity to showcase your event through pictures, which are played via a live media feed.

Mood Lighting

We have LED mood lighting situated in each cubicle and in the communal area. Tailor the colour scheme to your event.


A subtle use of music may be applied, creating a pleasant mood within our bathrooms.

Infrared Taps

Our toilets come equipped with infrared taps which makes the user experience as comfortable and hygienic as possible.

Luxury Products

As you would expect in luxury loo’s we only use luxury products, which are carefully selected to meet your expectations.

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